How to get versa-"TILE" coverage for your flooring business

September 29, 2023

No job is the same when you’re a flooring contractor. You could be working with a unique material that cracked while being installed, an oddly shaped room that caused you to damage the wall, or a magnitude of one-off jobs. You are versatile, and your insurance coverage should be too!

The key to having versa-“TILE” insurance coverage is choosing to work with the right carrier through a local independent insurance agent. Their goal is to offer you the right coverage at a reasonable cost. On top of the financial benefits, independent agents thrive off the relationship they build with you. They will often be local members of the community and even potential customers of your business. This allows them to understand your business and feel like they have a duty to offer you the best coverage.

After you find an independent agent, the next step is obtaining the right policy for your flooring business. You know your business best, so it’s important to discuss the specifics with your agent. This allows them to find a policy that is going to protect your business the right way. Don’t be afraid to tell them about the weird one-off jobs, the risks associated with them, and the things that stress you out as a business owner. Your agent is your partner in protecting your business, and being open and honest about the realities of your work can create a lasting business relationship. We typically recommend flooring businesses have Commercial General Liability, COMMERCIAL AUTOCONTRACTORS’ ERRORS AND OMISSIONSINLAND MARINECYBER, and UMBRELLA. Your business may not need all these endorsements, or it could need additional coverages we didn’t mention. You and your agent will work together to figure out what is right for your business.

It can be extremely frustrating when your business is taking all the safety precautions and something still goes wrong. Some accidents aren’t preventable, and that is why you have insurance. What is even more frustrating is not having the correct coverage when the accident happens. If you have a versa-“TILE” insurance policy, then you have nothing to worry about!