Dealing with injuries on the job. Builders' Edition.

June 18, 2024

When you hear about workers’ compensation claims it’s easy to blow them off and blame a lack of training or say, “My business is too careful for that to happen.” In reality, a large portion of workers’ comp claims are unavoidable accidents that could happen to any business. Here are a few of the common Workers’ Comp cases we see for home builders!

1.)     Falling from elevated workstations such as a ladder or scaffolding.

2.)     Electrocutions

3.)     Caught in between moving machine parts.

4.)     Repetitive stress injuries, sprains, or nerve compression

Workers’ Compensation coverage may protect your business in these situations and also help your employees rehab, rebuild, and restore their lives. It is also REQUIRED in 49 states. You may think all worker’s compensation coverages are the same, but that’s far from the truth. Here are two unique programs that can be offered through Workers’ Compensation coverage:

Nurse on Call

This program offers injured employees access to a nurse who is available 24/7. Without making an onsite visit, the nurse assesses non-life threatening injuries and determines if treatment requires self-care, a visit to an onsite clinic, or a trip to the emergency room. Your injured worker will receive timely care, and your business can see a reduction in incurred costs, decreased litigation, and fewer visits to the emergency room. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR NURSE ON CALL PROGRAM, CLICK HERE.

Return to Work

This program helps find transitional employment with a nonprofit agency for injured employees who aren’t quite ready to go back to their jobs with your business. Here are some benefits of the program:

1.)     Lower the total insurance compensation paid to the employee, which can positively impact your business’s future premiums.

2.)     Encourages faster recuperation, and faster return to work for the employee.

3.)     Promotes social responsibility and provides community outreach.


Your home building business is careful, experienced, and thorough. However, injuries can still happen on the job site. Workers’ Compensation is like a safety net for you, your business, and your employees that will be there when you need it! TO FIND A MAYFIELD INSURANCE AGENT NEAR YOU, CLICK HERE.